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XVI Online Conference - Business

November 26-30, 2019


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The first time an online conferencing technology was used to fully replace a face-to-face conference was with the Convibra Business Online Conference in 2004, an initiative involving a group of Universities for an independent event. They had found a way to facilitate digital interaction among a larger group that shared a common interest but were unable to travel to physically meet under the same roof.

Several editions later, the event has become a tradition and has attracted researchers from many countries. Its appeal initially comes from the low cost, the democratization of access and its simplicity of use. In previous years, another important effect had to do with environmental responsibility, evidenced by reducing the need for flights, which meant a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

The platform has evolved since the first online event and today serves several other national and global conferences in different areas helping researchers to discover, develop, and spread knowledge effectively.

Recently, this concept implemented by Convibra is paving the way for extensive future integration. Science is becoming more accessible, interactive, and taking advantage of crowdsourcing and collective intelligence in its search for answers.

The concept has been shared by individuals and institutions, both public and private, in various areas and industries. This openness to diversity, the focus on inclusion and interaction, and the innovative technology are the fuel to keep the event growing to reach its main objective, which is to approximate every researcher in the world aiming for similar objectives.

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