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XVI Online Conference - Business

November 26-30, 2019


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Showing papers, discussing research studies, getting feedback, and finding inspiration for new projects are some of the objectives that researchers, various professionals, and students look for when they attend conferences. However, that is not always possible.

Attending international events is a natural expense in a variety of ways and requires being away from daily activities. Nevertheless, for our thousands of delegates this reality is different. The conferences are virtual and take place at their homes or institutions, with no need for transportation or housing, which makes them less expensive in terms of money, time, and environmental resources.

With Convibra, for more than 10 years, conferences have been happening entirely in a collaborative online platform. It combines a community of innovators that use collective intelligence and crowd-sourcing to promote interactions. It is made by all and is for all.

The authors submit their papers to a committee that will evaluate them using a double blind review system, meaning that both the authors and the reviewers are kept confidential. Thus, the information on committee members will be released only after completion of the assessment.

Authors whose submitted works are approved will be invited to share their presentation, usually a Power Point, in virtual conference rooms during the event sessions.

Presentations and debates take place over the Internet with instant messaging, as well as video and audio features, which enables full interactivity among participants. The papers are available on the website prior to the event.

Delegates have access to all of the conference rooms and receive certifications of presentation and publication.

Even after the event, the visibility of authors and papers remains high, because it is not limited to the conference environment. Along with an impressive history, it is among the three largest online conferences around the world, Convibra created vast connections that enable authors and papers to have a good ranking in both direct visits and in visits through search engines.

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